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Imperial College of Business Studies is the first college in Bangalore to have a successful relationship with Microsoft DynAA for the benefit of Students and faculty. Our College is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance.

Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) provides free software and support to educational institutions who want to use Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the classroom. Experiencing the latest technology used every day by more than 350,000 organizations and thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide can enhance the students’ classroom experience and can give them a competitive advantage in the job market.

DynAA also cultivates and supports relationships between member institutions and Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers to further enhance curriculum and connect businesses with students interested in pursuing Microsoft Dynamics–related careers.

DynAA connects educational institutions in the same area that expose students to Microsoft Dynamics. Graduates of these institutions are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics and potentially interested in a related career. DynAA can help to share Microsoft Dynamics experience, to influence a new class of business professional.

Companies are interested in hiring people having experience with Microsoft Dynamics ,CRM and ERP business solutions.

When an institution is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA), students will be able to take classes that use Microsoft Dynamics and can experience the latest technology to prepare for a career. DynAA also provides networking opportunities to help students connect with companies looking for graduates who understand Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

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